Private Cloud Foundry Hello World

Cloud Found ( is a VMWare PAAS that has been released as open source and can be installed privately on your infrastructure. Once you have your cloud installed you can start to develop with Eclipse and publish your application in the new Private Cloud. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Add to your file host the dns name of your server.
  • Download Eclipse STS –
  • Install Cloud Foundry plugin
  • Connect to (change with your server name) using your account information (to add an user use mvc –

    Tasto destro->New->Server


    Add server clicking on su Manage Cloud e clicking Add.
  • Create a new Eclipse Dynamic Web Project

    Right click on the Project -> Spring Tools -> Add Spring Project Nature
  • Add the project to Cloud Foundry double click on Cloud Server in Tab Server.

  • Add an html file for test in Web Content

  • Browse the application
If do you need details how to install Cloud Foundry on your private infrastructure please left a comment that I’ll publish a post about it 🙂

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