Giulio Roggero

Giulio Roggero

What I do
I’m focusing on connecting the real world to the web. HTML5, Lean and Agile are the tools I’m using in this journey. I can help you to start-up your project with your people or to develop your product at fixed price with my team.

HTML5, Agile Project Management Coaching & Training, Rapid Prototyping, Lean Software Development

My bio
I was born in 1974. I lived my first 18 years on the Island of San Giulio (Lake of Orta – Italy) going with my rowing boat to school.

When I started the university I moved to Milan where I was graduated from the Politecnico of Milan in Software Engineering (2000). Now I live in Milan with my family.

I’m an Agile Coach and Trainer, an Entrepreneur and a Developer.

In 2001 I founded Isola Software, an IT consultancy web-oriented technology office. The office cooperates with small and medium companies for the coordination, architectural planning and training on Edge technologies: HTML5, Node.js, AJAX, .NET 4.0, Java 6, PHP 5, Python and more.

In 2008 I became Senior Partner at Intre’ (, an Italian company oriented on software for the automation.

In 2013 I co-founded a company that aggregates talents to create Apps providing a mobile platform, supporting App creation, App Publishing and Advertising.

I’m actively involved in the Italian Agile Movement organising and participating as a speaker in several conferences and meet-ups.

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