Why 22 #self-organized teams on @makeitappeu are faster than traditional teams

The Social Mobile Platform @makeitappeu – www.makeitapp.eu – counts more than 1500 registered users, 6 Apps in the store and 22 projects in flight. The Talents are self-organising in #cross-functional #agile teams defining UX and features, coding app logic and preparing the app for the market.

The actual average lead-time of Apps, from the idea to the store, is 5 months.

This number is impressive if you think that a “traditional” App project has a lead-time time that can be double than a @makeitappeu project. The primary cause of this delay is the latency between the idea and the start of the project.

The success of @makeitappeu is due to the social selection of projects and therefore the strong commitment of team members when the project is started. This selection increases also the possibility of success of the App in the market.

The behaviour is similar to #scrum teams: the PO guides with the Vision (in @makeitappeu is the App creator), the Team is committed to complete the vision (in @makeitappeu Talents are volunteers for the project) and the Scrum Master facilitates the App creation (in @makeitappeu is the App Angel).

The platform is young but these behaviours are emerging. This approach could be alsointeresting for companies and enterprises that wants to improve their time to market and value proposition.

Try to experiment it at www.makeitapp.eu, more details and numbers in the next months!

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