Agile: The Board Game – the board concept

Here are two sketch of the board. The idea is that you draw a card with the project vision and than you start:

  1. Project Vision Analysis with a Idea Clustering Brainstorming
  2. Product Feature expressed in User Stories
  3. Estimation with Poker Game and Story point + Estimation with PERT Three-Point method + Estimation with Montecarlo Analysis
  4. Project Budget, Release Plan and FTE calculation (this is not really Agile but help with the management communication)
  5. Execution in sprint  (see the sketch): sprint planning part1 and part2, execute with lego, review meeting, retrospective meeting with 5why analysis (yes this is Scrum).
  6. Every 5 minutes roll a dice and draw a risk/opportunity card. This card may influence the sprint or the product backlog.
  7. At the closure: lesson learned, celebrate and project closure
The idea is each step long 5 minutes.
  • One day is 5 minutes
  • One meeting is 5 minutes
In that way you can check your plan and estimations. More details in the next days. At the end of October we will run a complete test session.

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