Kanban board simulation

Would you like to understand how a kanban board works? The most effective way is to try it! With the simulation below you will see how it works!


v.0.2 by Giulio Roggero – Creative Common 3.0 License – Kanban Board simulation – 0.2
Work inspired by great slides written by Joakim Sundén, Marcus Hammarberg and Christophe Achouiantz

Graphics elements by Emanuele Mantovani

Great feedbacks by Fabio Armani, Gaetano Mazzanti, Marco Bresciani

3 thoughts on “Kanban board simulation

  1. Complimenti per la chiarezza. Trovo questo documento molto tuile per rinfrescarmi le idee e per uscire da situazioni di difficoltà nell’uso del Kanban.

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