Beaglebone and ExtJs Web App

I was working on a Web Scada based on Beaglebone. Here is my first test. It’s really easy to create a web app using Cloud9 and Node.Js.

Here is a short demo video. In the future I’ll publish more details.

Here is the code to start a server

var bb = require('./bonescript');
setup = function() {
var server = new bb.Server(82, "myserver");

The folder myserver contains all js and html resources.

bonescript.js is a library provided by default. You can implement your using node.js and websockets.

If you want more information check these links (there are also links about Texas Instruments Linux distro):

10 thoughts on “Beaglebone and ExtJs Web App

  1. Hello Giulio, I have just ordered a beaglebone black. Thanks for the information as I am a beginner with this types of boards. It would be really awesome to have an easy Web Scada based on Beaglebone. Looking forward to more post about it. Thank you for your site.

  2. cioa giulioggero I need your help I have the BBB then I need to make a scada system that take the measurements of preasure and temperature and show this in the display how can i make the comunications betwhen the BBB and the sensors please nedd your urgent

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