Android VS Chrome OS – the future of Operating Systems

Chrome OS or Android 3.0? This question fulfills the google page. Try to search for “Chrome OS vs Android ” and more than 36 Milion of result are listed!

A lot of different opinion are expressed: “Chrome OS will be the only one”, “android is the most used”, “this comparison is not correct beacause are two different system with two different targets”, and so on….

My opinion is that Google has developed Google Chrome to manage it’s destiny (as Jeff Jarvis wrote in the book “What Would Google Do”).

Therefore both Android and Google Chrome OS are just enablers and hosting for the Chrome Browser. Both platforms will survive and may be other platforms will be developed but the main object of Google is to simplify the access to the Web and to Web Apps. This is why Chrome.

It’s not surprising that Chrome works very well on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Chrome is a pervasive open source platform where all your stuff are synchronized and ready to run.

Google is creating a real distributed operating system, step by step, using Chrome and the Internet. Therefore my opinion is that it’s not important if will survive Android or Google Chrome OS because the Web will be the final Operating System.

For new applications I bet that HTML5 will be the common platform and the Internet the common Infrastructure, Google is moving in this direction. And also the competitors like Apple and Microsoft.

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