PMBoK and Scrum – Part 1

PMI and Scrum are the pillars for my work.

The PMBoKsee wikipedia – is the most complete framework available to define processes for Project Management. It offers several tools for requirements, project execution, monitor and control, risk and quality management, team management and communication. Be aware that a project is a chaotic process, very difficult to manage, it’s a great advantage. PMBoK help the PM, the Client and the Team during all project phases. Applying these guidelines, adapted to the company environment, has helped me several time.

But PMI framework, in chaotic environments, such software development of innovative products, has some limits:

  1. Great control of Cost, Scope and Time but less flexibility during project execution and adaptability of clients needs
  2. Few tips on team building
  3. Not oriented to value

Some times I participated to projects successfully completed from the KPI’s perspective but never used because the needs are changed. The problem of needs definition it is not so easy… and say that the client is the only responsible for requirements doesn’t help. If you have a client satisfied the next time he/she has a need he/she will ask your help, your partnership, your experience. If the client is not really satisfied he/she will not trust you completely.

Agile Manifesto – – is the most simple and concise way to express these concepts!

Scrum is born from Agile values and from Lean principles –

Reduce the waste and focus on business value is something that Client really appreciate! The problem here is how to really implement Scrum?

Scrum needs a real involvement of clients and companies. Several time this is not possible. Several time cost leadership is most important than value. Some time clients don’t have time to follow your project as Scrum requires.

In all of these cases PMBoK helps a lot: you can use the governance principles of PMI and apply Agile and Lean where are more effective.

In the next posts I’ll explain how I’ve implemented this in my projects.

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